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Besides having the proper work permits, a foreign worker must speak and understand Italian language as one mother tongue. You can take an Italian course both in your country or Italy. There are a wide range of possibilities to suit everyone.

Nowadays, Italia is a leading country of the European Union, it has a solid financial situation, and the rate of job vacancies has grown significantly. Maybe, this is the main reason why most people decide to come to Italy in order to reach their dreams. Italy has opened up its door to offer foreign people a great number of job opportunities, but they must work very hard. If one wants to reach the Italian dream, one must get work permits and learn Italian to work in Italy. Italian employers are very demanding, they require well-qualify employees. If one wants a well-paid job, one must speak and understand Italian language as one’s mother tongue.

Cover letters

You should to write the cover letter which will be accompanying your resume. You can find on internet a great sample of administrative assistant cover letter. This template will help you to write yours. Since these templates are free of charge, many people use it in order to get a job interview. After you download it we recommend you to customize it according to your needs.

After your interview, it’s advisable to send a thank you letter to your interviewer as soon as possible. The purpose of this letter is to show your interest in the job position and remind interviewer about your job application. On this web you can find a sample of thank you letter, these documents are templates, then you will need to customize it and address to the interviewer or the person in charge of the recruitment process.

Italian labor market

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One must consider that some employers will take one an Italian language examination in order to consider one for a job vacancy.

Foreign workers are subject to constant assessment to test their skills and efficiency.

If one has good references, a university-level degree, a good GMAT scoring or other ways to prove one’s quality of work, it will help one get ahead professionally. The Italian labor market is very competitive and one must ensure to have the enough skills to reach their professional goals.

Italy is a great option to get a good job, but one will have to work a lot. One will have to learn Italian language and get the proper permits to work in Italy. If one does it, one will be able to get a well-paid job.

If your heart is set in moving to Italy and get a job, get the enough information in order not to turn your dream into a nightmare. Italy is a beautiful country plenty of good job opportunities. Italian language will help you reach your dreams.

business training

Business training

When people work in business field, they need to get training continuously. A Master degree is very important for people who work in business.

Operator training

Operator training

Operator Jobs available in Italy. Find resume samples and tips to make a correct resume format. All information about how to approach a prospective employer in Operator Training.