Italian Dictionaries

Look it up in the dictionary! That's what you've always heard when you wanted to know how to spell a word. Here is a list of recommended Italian language dictionaries including college-level, picture, and slang. Find the translation of Italian phrases and words in the Italian-English dictionary.If you have some of this info about one of the dictionaries we have listed here, or another dictionary you own, send an email.

Learning Italian language

italian dictionaries

As we said earlier, Italian language has become, in the last few years, an important language in the world; that is why more and more people choose to learn Italian instead of other languages. If you want to learn Italian, the following is a list with some of the most common ways to learn this language:

  • Enrolling in an Italian Language School.
    This is, maybe, the most common way to learn Italian language. Many people choose it because they offer a personalized teaching; in addition, some of them can offer native-speaker teachers and a large variety of resources. If you choose this way, the most advisable is definitely enrolling in a language school in Italy or in some region where Italian is spoken because it will be useful to improve, specially, your pronunciation.

  • Teaching yourself.
    This way is for people who cannot pay a language school or simply for those who are able to learn anything by themselves. Although this is not the best way, if you put a lot of effort and, of course, time, you can obtain good results.

  • Learning Italian Online.
    It is another important way to learn Italian. Many people choose to learn Italian online, because internet offers a large variety of resources, such as: videos, audios, guides and even books from renowned authors. The main advantage is that it does not require attending to classes and, if you do not understand any topic, for example Italian verbs, you can review this class whenever you want.