Italian Resources For Fun

Italy is a great city to visit, located in Europe, this wonderful destination hosts many worldwide-recognized masterpieces made by authors from ancient to modern times; as you’ll notice that Italy has a lot of culture and it’s a reason more that they have to celebrate in the festivals that take place along the city all year round.

Art festivals in Italy

In fact, Italians have many reasons to celebrate and art is one of them; art festivals in Italy are the more colorful and varied festivals; they include films, dance, painting, sculpture, literature and other forms of expression, divided by style, time, kind of music and more. Festivals in Italy usually take place in summer and some of them are:

italian art festivals
  • Arena di Verona, an opera themed festival, exclusive for this kind of music, some opera lovers take music seriously, as Pietro Mascagni said: Music is as dangerous as cocaine.

  • Assisi Performing arts: It’s a program for music student, in order to make them experience at a university or conservatory.

  • Music Fest Perugia: The festival takes place every year in August, and focuses in classical music.

  • Pescara: A festival specialized in jazz, it takes place in July.

  • Festival of Two Worlds: The festival of two worlds is held in July generally and counts with a great program that includes jazz, dance, opera, symphonic music and more.

  • Endless Festival: It’s a collaborative festival that congregates people from several countries.

  • Musicale Fiorentino: The festival takes place in Florence each year and features a series of concerts from October to April.

italian food

Eating in Italy

During the festivals you may have the opportunity of eating some of the traditional delicious dishes, discover italian recipes will be an amazing and unforgettable experience whether you’re visiting for tourism or if you’re going to participate in any of the parades.

Pizza, pasta, antipasti, italian cheese, fiorentina bistec or desserts are the most popular dishes in Italy.

Enjoy it!.