Italian Lessons

Italian is known as the bella lingua around the world. It is spoken by more than 58 million people worldwide. There are more and more students that choose it as their second or foreign language.

Italian Lessons

italian lessons

Italian is known as the bella lingua (the beautiful language). It is a Romance language like Portuguese, Spanish, Rumanian, and French. These languages derive directly from Latin that was the official Roman Empire's language. It's currently spoken by 58 million people and there are more and more language students who choose it as their foreign or second language. Today it's really easy to get fluent in Italian as there are lot of possibilities to learn the language. Everyone is able to learn it just taking some lessons. Italian courses give you enough tools to develop your language skills and your ability to read, write and converse in a logical order and in a very natural way.

People take a long period of time to learn a new language, because no foreign tongue is truly easy, except for the few who are blessed with inborn linguistic superskill. Italian is by far the easiest language to speak of all non-native languages for an English speaker because this language has logical structures that help learners discover by intuition what an Italian phrase or word means, although Italian grammar has some particularities.

Improve your Italian pronunciation

Italian pronunciation varies from city to city, because Italian language has many dialects. You will notice a big difference between Italian from Venice and Italian from Roma. This phonetic phenomenon happens because many Italian cities were influenced by other civilization besides Romans. However, language schools teach a standard Italian because written Italian is equal around Italy.

Italian language tools

verb conjugator tool

Online language schools create Italian courses thinking about all students' levels. The aim of an Italian language course is to provide enough resources to learn this language in a very easy way.

Tools can be used to learn the usage of Italian verbs; most online language guides provide their free verb conjugation tool to make this task easier. Italian Training can be completed with exercises that reinforce the learning of each tense.

Students will progress in their understanding and knowledge of Italian by attending language schools, following the lessons and using other language tools that can be found on the internet.

Italian language facts

Italian language was spread around the world in the 14th century. This happened thanks to Dante Alighieri and his masterpiece "La divina commedia" (The divine comedy"), this book was a success those days. There are many other things that helped to spread Italian such as Italian culture, traditions, art, music and opera. Italy is considered as the cradle of modern civilization and Romans' legacy is the great proof of human ability.

Italian was the language of many geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci or Miguel Angelo. There are several reasons to learn this beautiful language. Italy is a beautiful country with a wonderful culture. There are many students who visit this country to learn its language and traditions, but not only Italian people speak the bella lingua; Switzerland and San Marino have Italian as their official language.

Learning Italian will open up a rich new cultural panorama for students, if you cannot travel to a speaking-Italian country, Internet offers a large list of Italian courses online, these websites offer many interesting resources to make your learning process the best. As you see, people have several reasons not to avoid leaning Italian language, so you just have to take the decision to start an Italian course.