Italian Literature

Most companies and clients require professional Italian translation services, because of the numerous volumes of literature and technical book that Italian speaking countries offer.

The Italian-speaking world produces large quantities of literature and technical books. Many people require these documents to research, read, or comment about, so many professional translators translate Italian to English and other target languages. This action allows people to read their favorite Italian books in their mother tongue.

History of Italian Literature

italian literature

In 1230, the Sicilian School is notable for being the first style in standard Italian. Dante, one of the greatest of Italian poets, is notable for his Divina Commedia. Petrarch did classical research and wrote lyric poetry. Renaissance humanism developed during the 14th and the beginning of the 15th centuries.

These Sicilian poems are admired and imitated in northern Italy, where an important new development takes place. The poets of the north adopt a less flowery style, using simple Italian to express the emotion of love. This trend is given a name by its most famous practitioner, who calls it the dolce stil nuovo ('sweet new style'). The phrase is Dante's.

Translating italian literature

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