Teaching Italian

Language schools are institutions for children, youth and adults, in which the students receive, along with Speech Therapy, vocal practice, theory concepts and the possibility to work in collective language groups where student’s special talents and interests can be prepared for some professional degrees.

A language school is characterized by language training aimed at those who want it. It provides lessons for all ages, from children age 4 to teens and adults. It also offers great freedom for each student to select, according to their interests and the education offered by the school, the activities in which they can enroll.

Italian in art career

art career

On the other hand, music schools will aim to develop the linguistic skills of students and an open attitude toward artistic expression such as poetry, theater, music and narrative arts.

It is shown that musical studies and practice develop extraordinary mathematical ability and intellectual capacity in general. The practice of this art makes us more sensitive to the world and highlights the human side of people over materialism and competitive spirit that prevails in our society.

Teaching italian language in art school covers the areas of music and movement and musical instrumental practice, complementary to joint activities. But these lessons depend very much on the quality of the teachers, that’s why art schools are looking for prepared professionals in this field.

An art school teacher should offer quality classes and guide students toward vocational education, should be creative, innovative and an inspiration for his/her students.

If you are a musician, you must know that Portuguese music is simply amazing, there are all kind of melodies, not just from Portugal but also from Brazil, and with African roots, samba, pagode, batucada and many more rhythms are played in Portuguese language, if you have the interest to someday sing these kind of music then you should have a good Portuguese pronunciation.

Prepare your resume

prepare resume

The best language schools are located in New York. If you are a language teacher and decide to travel to the United States, you must create your teacher resume in order to apply for a job position in some School or University. Every resume is one of a kind, so you have to be very careful when you write it, you can do your search online and find many tools which will help you in this task.

If you want to look up for more options, there are many websites where you can find online resume templates and some tips about how to write and change your resume style, choose the correct one and tailor it to your needs.

As a teacher, you also have the opportunity not only to teach in the schools of language, but also get music freelance jobs that give you the opportunity to offer your services to interested persons. As you see, to be a music teacher opens you many doors in the field of the languages worldwide, you can show how talented you are wherever you go.