Travel to Italy

travel to italy

The vacation plans to spend time doing your favorite hobbies. If you plan a trip to Italy and you want to enjoy a great travel, Italy offers alternatives in many beautiful hotels and other really nice places

Sicily is a wonderful place to visit, full of amazing buildings and architecture. it's almost like going back a thousand years, except for the traffic noise of course. These structures were built to last and have done, some of them housing the most magnificent apartments which can be rented for your vacation stay. Choose the best option for Sicily Places to Stay.

Golf vacation in Italy

The combination of cultural beauty, history, art and cuisine of Italy is in addition to Golf courses in Italy. There are over 240 golf courses, each with different courses according to the level of each student. The main cities of Italy such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Tuscany and Siena as the main touristy cities also have a great number of Golf Schools and therefore intensive courses.

Every city, every school and in general the major hotels that have a tourism accommodation offer a pleasure and comfort for everyone. Every place has a course plan for every visitor’s need. Among the most prominent golf hotels in Italy are: Villa Armenia in Siena and Tuscany, Prince of Lazise in Lazise, Verdura Golf in Sicily and Sciacca, UNA Palazo Mannaioni of Florence and Tuscany, Sheraton in Rome, Residence Golf Hotel in Milan.

Travel to Rome

job in italy

The need to travel to Rome as the capital and main resort town of Italy makes the tourists who want to visit Rome and enjoy the golf courses look for a hotel, although they are located outside the city. Circolo Golf di Roma, Parco de Medici Golf Club, Sheraton Golf, Real Sporting Village, etc. If you are not thinking about spending your visit in a Hotel just use the Golf garden, you can do it because every hotel works like a Golf club too. Due to the increase of tourists in Italy also increases the need to learn Italian.

Golf tourism has increased in recent years especially in Europe, with Italy as one of the favorite destinations for tourists all year round golfers. Portugal potentiates its climate as an alternative to golf all year increases tourism revenue potential. Taking this example, Italy began a campaign to increase golf courses in cities with free extension, small cities with olive groves and rich in culture, art and history with a plus in the landscape.

Create Your Own Rome Travel Guide

After visiting Rome you may be interested in creating your own travel guides or photo albums that are entirely customized and personalized to fit the memories of your trip. Using a is a way to instantly convert files you want into different formats within just a few seconds.

Get job in Italy

The Government and the Italian Golf Federation, contribute to this cause because of increased jobs vacancies, thus contributing not only to sport but to tourism and Italian society.

The first step is to get the proper work permits, one can get this permits at the Italian embassy of one’s country. The second and most important step is to take Italian language lessons. There are language schools that offer special programs of Italian language to work at any Italian-speaking country. Unfortunately, there are people who cannot attend a language school before traveling.

The other option is to attend a language school in Italy. Experts recommend the total immersion to learn a new language as fast as one can imagine. There are Italian language courses to suit everyone; short, long, intensive, on the city, by the beach, cheap, and so on. There are courses for foreign workers and even courses combined with different activities such as sailing, golfing, skiing or cooking, so one can learn Italian in Italy in a fun way. The especial Italian courses for worker have the aim to teach people speak and understand Italian very well; most courses begin with basic lesson of Italian verbs, vocabulary, grammar and other topics.